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Letra de canción Jes Mee Y U - Luniz

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Featuring raphael saadiq Nummy num playboy I remember when we was hella broke dude We just had a dream right? We made it happen dude Chorus: Jus me and you We made it went from broke to havin thangs Jus me and you Ooh baby coming way up out the game Jus me and you We made it went from broke to havin change Jus me and you Ohh baby and the songs turn again Dont worry bout a damn thang Numbskull: We used to be short on the avenue so broke On the avenue i couldnt afford to have a brew How it happened dude just me and you I use to drink brew after you You had your daughter first my baby son was born right after you Now we making cash with dru Oh look what havin cash would do Playahatas come after you If they blast at you Id be the first one to prove what the mass would do One aint better than havin two Looney individuals off cash and brew Lace the avenues boy i aint mad at you Hindu drinkin glass with you, cheers We lasted through years what we have to do We finally here, i got 5 showed on the billboard live Doin songs with too short, courtesy of jive Front page of the vibe, live and direct, Rafael saadiq freak that beat chorus and drumset Make your ears wet like sex, who waitin to come next With pavey rolex Just me and you Chorus Yuckmouth: We risked it and killed in cali before we make bread Creating our heaven on earth but its worse we cursed from birth Now turn money and keepin moms happy got me gladly livin lavelle I say we blessed to have mail Big willie, im numb to the world baby Dont speak among thangs unless it pays me You never see yuckmouth weighin circumstances You never see numbskull flossin takin chances Advancement is okay doe and cheatin is alright And its best to have some killas on the payroll, day and night Stick and move pick and choose licks Benet wasnt in it thats why benet didnt benefit Believe my story the tale of glory didnt make me believe That in america i never had to worry Cupid wasnt stupid but never was numb and yuck It was all dreams and wishes, game and luck Just me and you Chorus It was gonna happen man First we got 5 on it Now we got 5 on big beats Rafael saadiq, dj quik, g 1 Thats how it happened man Once you get large do your thang Big thangs man Numb: Hey when you saw my show in 94 You didnt know wed blow like nitroclycerin Girbaud, tommy hill, timberland Playboy i use to rock a pendelton, offecer arrests a gentleman Now im spending big deusch marks on german women In the red light district way out in amsterdam kickin it Adam and eve coffee shop purchase grams wicked Disappeared like the grand wizard dig it Trying to be the richest young black brothas in the business Yuck: I heard so many times it was hopeless, bogus Accordin to both of us the world was untouched we had to focus I had to explain thangs to the fullest Figured out what we could and couldnt And made plans to get the puddin Theres too many rules to made and broke The mail is to be made so lets fade a toast Now tell these folks to let me be all i can be So the l-u-n-i-z will go down is history Chorus
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