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Letra de canción Infatuation - Christina Aguilera

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He comes from a foreign placeAn island far awayIntrigues me every moveTil I'm breathless, I'm helplessCan't keep my coolSteals my heart when he takes my handAnd we dance to the rhythm of the bandI feel his finger tips grip my hipsAnd I slip as we dip into a rare blissMama used to warn meTo beware of Latin loversShe said I gave my heart too soonAnd that's how I became your motherI said ay mama you seem to forgetI'm not in love yetSweet talk don't win me over, but I realizedBig brown eyes can hypnotizeWhen he says(Chorus)
I am food blood boricuaReads the tattoo on his arm (whoa whoa)He tell me, mami I need yaAnd my heart beat pumps so strong (so strong)Getting lost in el ritmoHe whispers te quiero, te quieroI begin to give in with no hesitationCan't help my infatuation(Ah ah ah ah ah ah)It's pure infatuation(Ah ah ah ah ah ah)Skin the color of cinnamonHis eye slight up and I melt withinFeels so good it must be a sinI can't stop what I startedI'm giving inHe brings life to my fantasiesSparks a passion insde of meFinds the words when I cannot speakIn the silence his heartbeat is music to meMama used to warn me Not to rush love with anotherShe said I'm not trying to lectureI just care about my daughterAy mama you seem to forgetI never will letA man control my emotionsBut when he smiles (when he smiles)I feel like a child when he says(Chorus)
Caught between my mama's words And what I feel insideI'm wanting to explore his worldBut a part of me wants to hideShould I resist can't resist itThis has caught me by surpriseShould I let him take me to Puerto RicoI can't hold back no moreLet's go tonight .... ooh heyYou adore me, never be lonely, ooh
Christina Aguilera
Imprimir letra Infatuation de Christina Aguilera