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Letra de canción Heaven Torn Asunder - Cradle Of Filth

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Rise, ablaze, libidinousdevildom voyeursascend to smother the lightnascent aeons confer....Chaos is spatfrom the black eternal seaserrated mountains of mad shadowscarving towards misdeedStormchoirs gathera pestilential hisssunset evokes luciferian firethe skies are ruptured like a knifed orificesupernal vestments hang tatteredcathedrals shriek to pulpit oratoryinvasions scale babel's ivory towerspoised to sodomise a world upon it's knees(victory spentbreathe deep benighted scent)We are as a flame born unto the darknessdesires burning in palatial gladesand virtues once aloof, now worming beneath usshalt see their children, pleasuring as slaves....Attack!Wreak atrocities on those we have despisedjudgements be riven, from the skiesdarkness empower let us master prophecyfulfilling destiny - the promised feverBedizens eyes paralysed with blasphemywritten in flesh across the howling etherArtemisspread the bliss of this lupercaliaWith stars erased, throw wide the gatesthe infidel soon unmasks her faceneath silken shroud she waxes hornsharpened to skewer dawn....I am as a plague, born to the priestessthe secret amour of her archangelic rapejaded-eyed when my lovers, possessedscreamed out their agonies, upon the stake"the most august sorcerers of hadesdarkly seized for me a throneand the upraised scythe so terribly scribedvengeance in jesuit blood on stoneFrom this ransacked celestial templei hold the prophet's severed head unto all nations"Tremble before uslords of the star-veiled red sepulchresrushing deathwards, our tartarean fireskindle pandemonia to furnace the earth"our voices are opened gravesthrough which the never-dead escape"From dank, abyssic dreampursuing ascendancy....The enemy has held three seasonsimparadised, whilst we writhedto psycho-dramas penned by aerial decreenow freed to plunder....heaven torn asunder
Cradle Of Filth
Imprimir letra Heaven Torn Asunder de Cradle Of Filth